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Church Groups

At New Beginnings, we offer a variety of programs and groups for all ages to enjoy. From Bible study to sociable seniors, you are sure to find the right age group and activity to help you feel at home. Our welcoming members work hard to make your first visit feel like you are part of a loving family in Christ. Most importantly, we love and accept those from all walks of life. No person is the wrong type of person to be considered our family in the house of the Lord.
​Following are some of the groups that our members regularly enjoy. Sharing, worshiping and praising our faith in God is at the heart of everything we plan.
  • Bible Study
  • Blanket Making
  • Children's Ministry
  • Choir
  • Psalm 150 (Praise & Worship Team)
  • A Joyful Noise (Children's Choir)
  • Community Outreach
  • Intercessory Prayer Group
  • Men's Prayer Group
  • Prayer at the Rail
  • Sociable Seniors
  • Special Events
  • Undie-Sunday
  • Vision Team
  • Youth Fellowship


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